Thijsenterprise – Lahringen

“Killer!” – Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 6)

“Sounds just like where a skateboard-obsessed producer might take roughneck jazz and DIY beats in 2020.” – Andrew Jervis (Headcurator of Bandcamp)

“A brilliant slice of punky jazz from one-to-watch, Thijsenterprise.” – Oliver Brunetti (Music Is My Sanctuary)

“Really incredible music out of the Netherlands.” – Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45s)

“Insanely goooooood!!” – Cherrie Flava (NTS Radio)

Thijsenterprise – Soul Food & Skunk Breaks

“That’s right, we said it, this thing is exclusively for those who like to hang with Mary jane, dab, roll a spliff, or like Mister mef says: ‘roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it.'” (Flea Market Funk)

Thijsenterprise – Night Store Beats

“The beats come and go, making an impact like a Dilla tape.”

“The diverse and eclectic musician has released some of the most interesting instrumental music in recent years.”

“Its raw aesthetic is absolutely fantastic.” (In Search Of Media)

Thijsenterprise – Snits

“It’s a performance that leaves little question as to the Dutchman’s ability to maneuver between the worlds of beatmaker and instrumentalist.” (Don’t Get Weary)

“Thijsenterprise offers something different. with an experimental aspect to his music, he fuses aspects of boombap and raw hip hop elements with live sax, delicate melodies and abstract soundscapes.” (Wordplay Magazine)

Thijsenterprise – Proefmonster

“Best Mixtapes of July” (Okayplayer)

“If you like hiphop, remixes and original samples, you should check this.” (LDBK).

“There’s so much to say about the soothing and soulful chopped samples throughout this album.” (In Search Of Media)

Thijsenterprise – Smoetsie

“Dim the lights and listen to the album in full […] highly recommended” (The Find)

“On Smoetsie, Thijsenterprise decides to theme the album around love, producing some of the smoothest and most eclectic production this year. […] take any track throughout this incredibly dense album, and I guarantee you it slaps, heavy.” (In Search Of Media)

Okayplayer’s Mixtape Monday. The Best Of Mixtapes Of 2019: “[…] some of the dopest, most prolific artists and producers pushing the envelope.” (

Thijsenterprise – Dokkum

“Senses, feelings and emotions that come with hearing music that immerses you in the traditions and festivities of other cultures. Close your eyes, as you listen to this EP by Reinier Thijs and feel exactly what I felt during my first listen. Immediately, I felt as though I had been transported to a euphoric moment in time, a place filled with people dancing”
Interview with In The Writers Mind

Thijsenterprise – Stepbacks & Setbacks

‘The samples in the last sixteen tracks do get a bit moodier and darker, but it doesn’t get too heavy. Stepbacks & Setbacks still makes for an enjoyable listening experience from front to back. Because, after all, setbacks are good moments to step up.’ (The Find)

‘Barcelona-based beatmaker Thijsenterprise drops mammoth beat tape.’ (Sampleface)